Equality and Diversity

Aurelia Training Ltd is committed to ensuring that the equality and diversity agenda is met fully across its workforce, and its work with employers and learners. To help us to achieve this we complete the following:

  • Establish equality and diversity policies and procedures that are reviewed annually and impact assessed against characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010.
  • Recruitment policy and procedure that reflects the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.
  • Training in the awareness of the role of Equality and Diversity in the work place and classroom for all staff, with an annual refresher.
  • Embedding of Equality and Diversity throughout all workshops, to actively promote awareness and appropriate action.
  • Regular focus groups with Learners to help identify any issues of inequality and impact of our practice on individuals.
  • Monitor achievement data against characteristics identified in the Equality act 2010, to identify any areas of weakness or any gaps in achievement.
  • Establish actions to address any areas of weakness or achievement gaps identified.
  • Published report of all findings and actions, which contribute to the SAR and Quality Improvement Plan.

Details of these findings can be found in the Equality and Diversity Report

Prevent Strategy.

Safeguarding Policy.

The SAR is available on request by contacting:

Gina Smith (Quality /Operations Manager)

Tel 01926 511855


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