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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be recommended and respected as the quality training provider  by offering a wide range of learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of employers and individual learners.
Our contribution to inclusion and widening participation will support the regions economic success through the development of a skilled and motivated workforce who are achieving their full potential.
Through inspiring people and improving business we seek to promote a culture where diversity is recognised and people are valued and treated with respect.

Remote Learning for Learners at Aurelia Training Ltd

‘Remote learning ‘ refers to learning which takes place when face to face workshops are not available in the workplace or training venue. 

It is expected that learners will continue to maintain contact with their trainer and where possible attend scheduled sessions, and complete all work set by reasonable deadlines.  Where circumstances make this difficult continued communication will enable alternative strategies to be put in place. Any student who is lacking the IT resources to complete this ‘remote learning’ should contact their trainer to discuss alternative arrangements where possible. 

Please read the attached PDF for more information. 

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Mental Health

Mental Health is different for everyone, different life experiences have an affect. 
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