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If you are recruiting, taking on an Apprentice is a great way to employ someone and train them alongside their new job role. Apprenticeships can also be a training option for existing employees who want to gain a qualification. Organisations receive Government funding towards training.

Qualification of the Month

Assessor Coach L4

This level 4 apprenticeship standard is designed as a minimum 15-month programme and is for apprentices who wish to gain the skills, knowledge and behavioural competences required to work in a Assessor/Coaching role. The Assessor Coach role has emerged within the Education and Training Sector over the last 30 years, originally as a result of the implementation of vocational (competence based) qualifications and formalised work-based education. The Assessor Coach is a dual professional, using their up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support vocational and professional development. When qualified they can work co-operatively with training providers or professionals (such as teachers, human resource professionals and mentors/supervisors in the workplace) in supporting the learner’s development of vocational competence and the wider skills that relate to employability and professionalism.

During the course skills will be developed for the assessor coach role, dependent on previous experience and qualifications during the training qualifications in the following may be obtained.
- Level 4 Education and Training – The Certificate in Education and Training prepares trainee teachers and trainers to teach in a wide range of contexts. To achieve the qualification there is a requirement for teaching practice that requires observation and assessment of performance.
- Level 3 Assessing Vocational Achievement – The certificate are for those who will be assessing both occupational and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding.
- Functional skills English, Math’s and ICT – If the learner does not have English, Math’s or and ICT
Qualification GCSE or equivalent at grade C & above, then to complete the course they will work with a qualified functional skills tutor to complete the qualifications required.
- Level 1 Safeguarding Qualification 

Business Administration L3

The Apprenticeship in Business Administration is for learners who work in, or who want to work in the business administration roles such as: Personal Assistant, Office Executive, or Office Supervisor. This includes the knowledge covering the broader cross-organisation processes such as business innovation, financial management and marketing, as well as the principles and practices underpinning the tasks and responsibilities related to the job roles above such as methods of communication and information management.

The course runs for 12 months and in that time you will produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of business & administration duties as well as providing examples of your skills and experience. You will be observed a minimum of two times by your assessor/tutor, take part in recorded discussions and your manager or supervisor will give a witness statement giving examples of times they have observed you completing tasks.
The Business Administration Apprenticeship can be adapted to suit your experience and the organisation you are working with, you will cover the basics of an administration role, including  communication, understanding employer organisations, principles of providing administrative service, document production and information management, managing your personal development and working with others.
We can tailor the course to meet your requirements these can include but are not restricted to,
Telephone use, mail handling, reception services, event organization, finance, pay roll health and safety, HR services/ recruitment, word processing, spreadsheet use, bespoke software, customer service, marketing, team leading and use of social media.

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