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Why become an Apprentice

5 reasons to be an Apprentice

You could be approaching the end of school and University is not an option, or you are looking at the next step in your career or a promotion at work. An Apprenticeship can be a career step at any age, as long you are a school leaver and in employment.

So why would you want to become an apprentice?

  1. An apprenticeship is achieved whilst you work in the job role
    You gain knowledge, skills and experience whilst completing each element.
    You spend 4 days on the job and then the 5th day is allocated for off the job training, this could involve course attendance, shadowing, attending a course, trying a new skill, studying. 
  2. Earn whilst you study
    All employers must pay the minimum apprenticeship wage dependent on age, however the majority of apprentices earn more than the minimum wage as this wage is only applicable until the apprenticeship is complete. 
  3. You don’t pay towards the training
    Any cost towards the apprenticeship is paid by the employer, the apprentice should not contribute to this and should 
  4. You gain a nationally recognised qualification
    Apprenticeships are made up of a Diploma in the selected sector, Functional Skills Maths & English with an End Point Assessment to finish. 
  5. Support & Guidance.
    A big part of an apprentice is the support you receive from your employer, colleagues, and trainers. The support is constant and can be as much or as little as you need.