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Aarons Blog Part 2

Office During Covid

This blog is going to be about the difference between a normal day of work in the office, and a day during the current COVID Pandemic.

The first obvious difference is the lack of people in. Due to obvious reasons, there can only be a limited amount of people in, to stick to regulations and social distancing at all times. In terms of social distance this affects all sorts of aspects, anything from not being able to make drinks for each other, to not being in each other’s workspace when needing something.

In terms of how busy everything is, that has drastically changed too. Obviously, there are little to no customers entering the building due to the restrictions and rarely any outside at the moment either. Online is a similar scenario, due to less businesses being open, there is less going on between the organisations. For someone who works in customer service, this means I have less call and emails with external business and deal more in internal affairs and ongoing with my own company.

The type of work has also changed a lot, because the mentioned above focus on our own company, there is more time to focus on what work we need doing for ourselves this could be anything from tidying to resorting all files or cupboards.

Often during the current time I will have to finish tasks at home or on another day due to the limited time, so it is important to make notes on progress and where I have got to, so I do not lose track on the tasks I am part way through. This does not make any of my work lesser in quality, but it is quite easy to lose track of where I got to with a certain job.

There are however a lot of similarities between pre and during COVID. The first of which being that the work environment has stayed quite the same, everyone is still open for convocation and able to assist in whatever distanced way they can. Also, most of the online systems and roles remain exactly the same, such as email logs and updating our sites on certificate arrivals.

Our organisation is quite lucky in that most of the preparation for the training and most what we do besides that training are online, so compared to other companies, we will probably have been some of the least impacted.

As a customer service employee, it is always important to ensure that even during this time of inactivity, we show that we are a professional and approachable organisation, maintaining the same standards of work and etiquette in all of our services as a company.

You can see from all of this that yes, Covid has affected our company somewhat, however we are quite fortunate as to how little that affect has been. It is our responsibility to ensure that even to this time of confusion, we maintain our standards of work and keep on doing our part for our work place.