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How's your Posture?

Posture Tips for Working at Home

At present more of us are working from home, but is our working environment we use set up correctly?

Have you got the best posture? I bet most of you reading this, will find yourself moving around to get comfortable. So which is best? The dining table, the sofa or even the bed. These will all be fine short term, but, think how you feel after an hour or more. What stress are putting on you body?

Working from home gives us many option and although a desk is ideal it's not always practical space wise at home.

The NHS has a useful link

There are lots of links and illustrations showing you the best posture for long periods of working . In the office you have your desk all set up but at home this isn’t always possible.
There are a few points to look for to make sure you minimise the impact on your body. A good set up isn’t always possible at home, due to space and affordability.

Where possible try to choose a chair that supports your lower back, alternatively you can get chair supports which move from chair to chair. 
The top of your monitor should be at eye level. This can be tricky when using a laptop as you can’t separate the monitor and keyboard. Maybe place an incline under the laptop so it angles your keyboard and raises the screen.

Try to sit with your feet flat on the floor or again you could order a foot rest, some can be moved back and forth so you can move your feet to keep circulation.
Keep frequently used objects close so you aren’t over stretching and switch hands or use a handset if you are on the phone frequently.

And remember to take a break as often as possible to stand and stretch.
There are lots of tips and ideas on the internet and your HR may hold a working space diagram or   policy.

Look after yourself and stay safe.