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Aarons Blog Part 3

Apprenticeship Coursework

This blog I will be talking to you about my apprenticeship course that I have done with Aurelia so far. I will specifically be focused on the coursework itself and how I have tackled it.

The work that I do is all based around customer service, it helps provide me with an understanding of the intricacies and key values of what it means to work in customer service. A prime example of one of my pieces of coursework would be a series of questions varying in lengths about a specific section of customer service, e.g. Language impacts or the affects of good customer service on a company.

The work I do will test my ability to write comprehensively and communicate valid and thought out points in my writing, as well as ensuring I use specified key words. The work is also a test of how much you are paying attention, learning, and taking notes from the teaching of your assessor. If you make good quality notes, it will make the job of doing your coursework a lot easier and more straight forward. Everyone has their own method of making the best notes for them. For me personally, I prefer to quickly get down notes that would only makes sense easily to me, lots of abbreviations and shortened words. I do this so that I can write down large amounts at once, and also because knowing what I am going to write about, to me, is more important than getting down my exact words I will use.

My personal favourite unit I did was the unit on different kinds of customers I could have while on the job, this could be anything from colleagues to Ofsted inspectors. I enjoyed this unit because it provided me with insight into how I need to respond and communicate with the different sorts of customers I could be faced with. For context, this could be the fact that I need to be more formal with an Ofsted inspector than most other types of customer. This unit allowed me to explore and gain direct knowledge and perspective that would not only help me with my job at Aurelia, but I can apply the knowledge to other areas of life and future jobs to understand difference in how to treat different status individuals.

Also, in the course I have to do some other styles of work too. One is presentations. These are obviously more fun to produce, but you must ensure that the same quality of information is provided as if you were writing a regular question. This also tests more creative ability than regular question-based style. The next stage is of course to actually present this to either your assessor, or to another work colleague. Doing this is also extremely useful, as it will help you to develop your communications and people skills while delivering. It acts as a practical example in using your customer service skills you are learning.