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Aurelias Summer Social

Our Summer Social

Every year during the summer we meet up as a team and have a fun day including activities, food and lots of laughs!

This year we had to think about how we could do that safely, minimising our contact with others and abiding by all the Covid guidance. So we met up at a Rugby Club (that was closed to the public) , took a picnic and had a Pub Quiz!

It was a closely fought contest involving high stakes (mainly bragging rights) between the Management team and the Staff Team, and while there were some challenges the Management team won out with only one point in it!

It was an enjoyable afternoon and allowed us to spend some time together which we have missed so much this year. So thanks to everyone who came and participated in good competitive humour!

If you fancy a little quiz of your own we have saved our Famous Faces From History round,,,, how many can you name? 

Head over to ou News & Info section for the images and answers.

Good Luck!