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What is a Good Office Environment?

Everyone has a different interpretation of what is a good and healthy Workplace environment, but in this blog I will be discussing my personal, but also some more legislative factors that make up a safe and welcoming Workplace or office environment.

Let us start off with some obvious ones. It is of course always important that every workspace is safe, especially from a health and safety standpoint. In every workplace there should be the correct health and safety regulation in place to ensure that every member of staff or visitor is at no risk while on the premises. Examples of this can be the correct fire safety equipment, such as tested alarms and a near by fire extinguisher or other repellent method. Another example is a lack of trip hazards, these are easy to remove and can cause serious damage to anyone who trips.

Other factors that affect the quality of a workplace. It is always important ensure that you are looking after you mental health at work, because stress and pressure can cause negative effects. In light of this, I believe that there should be at least one peer or even professional who you can talk to about any mental health issues you are facing, to make sure they do not go unaddressed.

Building healthy working relationships is also incredibly important. These relationships with peers are a two-way relationship that will benefit you both. By building these relationships you will feel more comfortable in the workplace, meaning you can ask more questions, and not be afraid to make mistakes, resulting in a less stressful experience. Building a friendship with colleagues will also increase overall moral, as you can keep each other company with support and conversation. This friendly and inviting nature of a workplace will be beneficial to all and will make working a more positive experience.

One final aspect I believe is important is a knowledge of your company and relationship with your manager/superior. I believe that in a healthy workplace, each member of the team, no matter what position respects each other equally. Good knowledge of your company will allow for greater consuming of relevant knowledge, and a greater understanding of the depth of your individual role. The relationship with your superiors will inspire a good working ethic to provide services for the company and will also ensure that managers are looking out for every employee, providing, and looking for the best opportunities.

Of course, there are many written legislations such as equality and diversity, and health and safety acts, that will ensure that each working environment has a level of safety and professionalism that fits their standards. But I believe that the aspects I have mentioned also hold a place of importance in making a working environment the best it can be. And I hope my insight and opinions may help some to ensure they are happy at work 😊