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Finishing My EPA - What comes next?

Having finally finished my EPA I am hoping, in this blog, to give an overview of this conclusion and what the next steps are moving onwards.

I got 100% in my EPA overall, which is obviously great! But it didn’t come without some final hard work. I was a little confused about what a showcase is. I understood and found the actual content straight forward, but a lot of the EPA showcase is about how you convey the information you have learnt. I had to resubmit after first misinterpreting this principle, writing my presentation as if I was actually presenting what I had learnt, and making sure I covered all of the standards in detail. I needed to presume the person reading the showcase did not know anything about the customer service. This seems like it wouldn’t be significant, but honestly it is the difference between my
initial failure and 100%. Hoping that anyone taking their EPA will find this useful and take note of this.
Finishing the EPA was a great feeling of accomplishment and makes all of the effort put in worth it. But of course you must immediately think about your next steps once completing, whether that is using the qualification you achieved, or choosing another award to begin.
For me I chose the best path was to begin another course immediately, as I want to build up the best repertoire of achievements and qualifications I can. I chose to do a business admin level 3 course as a suitable step up, well valued and will teach me more about how organisation practices including my own of course. From the first session I can immediately tell that the Business admin course is vastly different from the Customer Service course. Business Admin Level 3 instantly strikes me as being more information based, more content to memorise, whereas Customer Service Level 2 is focused on your ability to interpret people and communicate, which can often be something you can do somewhat naturally.
Moving forward I hope to learn many new skills and gain a greater understanding of the business world. Each course is vastly different and helps to home in on different elements of what makes you a good employee, and the EPA assessment is the ultimate way of showing that you have taken on board all you have been taught, as long as you understand what the assessment is asking for, which hopefully I have brought to light in this blog.